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Nonsurgical Facelift & Ozempic Face

A nonsurgical facelift is truly close to a reality now. We use a combination of deeper radiofrequency which targets the dermis and tightens, CO2 laser resurfacing which targets the damage on the surface (epidermis), plus platelet-rich plasma (PRP) both topical and injected all on the same day. Most patients need 1- 3 of these treatments over a 12-24 month period to achieve this goal. There is 4-7 days of downtime.

Ozempic and related medications have been a true miracle for many who have struggled with weight loss for years. With that weight loss also come loss of the fat in the face. Many Ozempic patients are finding that they need some intelligent volume replacement and skin tightening after losing 10 or more pounds. Even if considering a surgical facelift, it’s wise to let your skin stabilize for at least 6-12 months after treatment before undergoing surgery.